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It’s grammy time! Welcome to our annual issue profiling this year’s top nominees.

IT’S GRAMMY time! Welcome to our annual issue profiling this year’s top nominees.

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The awards mean something different to everyone: We all have our opinions on which wins were earned, or which categories are legit, but the truth is, fans drive the success of any artist, and the music industry’s highest honors are no exception.

To outsiders, the awards process seems secretive, shrouded in mystery. But in reality, it involves the collective input of 12,000 professionals from all walks of the music business, whose common denominator is their love of music. You’re not going to agree with all of the nominations, but that’s the beauty of the diversity of our musical community.

Without exception, there is a creative team behind every nominated work. These projects are never the total vision or execution of one person; everyone along the line, from the songwriter to the mastering engineer, contributes to the success of any great recording.

The nominees profiled in this issue don’t have much in common musically, or take the same approach in the studio, but there is a common thread: talent, commitment to their craft, and the ability to create something special that resonates with music lovers. So cheers to the nominees, and here’s to another great year in music.