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If you’re considering recordingschool, chances are, you’re hearinga broken record of negativeadvice: The competition is fiercerthan ever.
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If you’re considering recording school, chances are, you’re hearing a broken record of negative advice: The competition is fiercer than ever. Schools are churning out more grads than the industry can support. There are no jobs in this economy.

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But warnings like these, while certainly rooted in reality, oversimplify the situation. As the music industry has evolved, so has the role of the recording engineer. Sure, there are only a handful of jobs tracking rock stars in big studios, but there are more kinds of opportunities than ever. And as the industry changes, schools are adapting, tailoring their programs for a new generation of versatile engineers and musicians.

Pursuing an education is a simple matter of defining your goals and setting your course. The right path for you might be an online class, a full-time program, or maybe just a weekend spent actually reading your gear manuals.

If you’re considering formal education, check out our “Choosing a Recording School” feature, which outlines options ranging from short-term courses to advanced degrees. More inclined toward DIY? In “Learn, Baby, Learn”, we bring you dozens of free and low-cost alternatives to schools.

Either way, remember that education is a lifelong pursuit, so whichever approach you take, boosting your skills will only work to your advantage.