Tutorial audio examples: January 2020

All the latest tutorial clips to accompany Electronic Musician vol. 36 no. 1
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Hear our audio examples to accompany the latest issue of Electronic Musician.

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The Art Of Synth Soloing

Pitch Manipulation

Ex. 1 – Using Rob Papen’s Predator you hear the main synth sound, followed by fading in the sub-oscillator, followed by adding in some Phase Modulation to add extra hi-frequency grit.

Ex. 2 – Using UVI Falcon you hear an FM-based hard lead sound, followed by adding in a second Program, which is a warmer analog element tuned an octave lower.

Ex. 3 – Using the same Falcon setup as example 2, you hear the basic sound, the layered sound tuned an octave below, then the layered sound tuned an octave and a fourth below, and finally, the layered sound tuned an octave and a fifth below.

Ex. 4 – Again using Falcon, you hear a detuned lead sound, and then I add additional oscillators tuned (in order): down a fourth; down an octave, up two octaves.

Ex. 5 – Some call and response playing using that same Falcon Program: I am using a single controller to turn on and off the three additional oscillators.

Ex. 6 – In this last example I play a phrase, then I add the envelope-created pitch blip. I keep alternating phrases without and with the “pitchy” attack element.

Easy Guide: Combined Scales