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Since there’s no accounting for taste then there’s probably no accounting for why we haven’t been able to get this stuff out of our heads this past month.

Diamanda Galas’
Defixiones: Will And Testament
(Produced by Blaise Dupuy, Diamanda Galas)

You ever get in one of those moods where happy stuff makes you sad? Where you’ll be totally wrecked on hearing Katrina & The Waves singing about walking on sunshine? Well this is like that. Only totally the opposite. Galas’ singing about death and destruction, in a live production recording that can only be described as celestial, dips into the classical and classically rendered paeans to sorrow. Which we’ve found unreasonably cheering this month of the April Fools. Now don’t you feel just fine?

Playboy: The Mansion
(Mixed by Felix da Housecat)

There had been a time when an invite to the aforementioned Mansion was the sine qua non for any self-respecting, cravat-wearing, Hai Karate-slathered cat worth his razorbladed medallion. But that was then and this is now. Now specifically being dance/electronic shizznit produced by the Madonna remixer DJ/producer Felix da Housecat. Comfortably capturing the zeitgeist of better days, this comp takes us via the wayback machine to dance floors filled with low-end boom and euro glissandos. A dubious achievement? Not if you can dance to it.