Look What I Found(2)

Phil Breithaupt is a saint. Yeah, yeah, sure there’s the work with Teen Challenge International, and his time in the trenches as a studio co-owner, engineer, and producer, but we sing his praises here because we’re inveterate gearheads and today is a Breithaupt sponsored sharing day, so looky look what he got his mitts on: a circa 1950s Vintage Electro-Voice V-1 Velocity Ribbon Microphone.

Well if the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, what’d it taste like?

“I set up right away and recorded vocals through an Altec 1567-A preamp,” says Breithaupt. “The sound? Extremely warm and realistic without the sibilance problems usually associated with other mics that have a rise in the high frequency.”

And what’d it cost?

“Nothing. Someone donated it to our charity.”

Free, not cheap. Perfect.