Melodics V2 Learning Software for Beatmakers Will Add Keyboard Lessons

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The Web app Melodics started out as a visual and gamified way to increase people’s finger-drumming skills on MIDI pad controllers and recently added electronic drum lessons to its educational repertoire as well.

Today, the New Zealand company with ex-Serato personal announced that in addition to its extensive finger drumming and e-drums lessons, Melodics V2 will arrive before the end of 2017, and it will add keyboard lessons to the mix.

The lessons and musical genres represented in Melodics 2’s keyboard lessons will continue to be targeted toward electronic beatmakers and music producers.

Melodics works as a freemium system. The software is free, and users can access a limited set of free lessons. Full access costs a monthly fee, which is discounted when paying for a full year in advance. Melodics charges a fee for each instrument you want to learn: pad drumming, e-drums, and now keyboards.

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However, as a special offer until November 12, signing up for a year of Melodics will get you full access to the lessons for all three instruments for the price of one. After that initial year, some kind of discounted renewal price will be offered.

Paying Melodics subscribers will also get early access to Melodics V2, which includes other new features listed below.

I personally have used the free Melodics version on and off for finger drumming for more than a year. There’s no doubt that sticking with it for regular practice has improved my finger drumming timing and dexterity, and more than likely it has improved more with Melodics than it would have without Melodics. Even with the free version, Melodics covers a diverse ground of electronic music: hip-hop, house, techno, dubstep/bass, drum ’n’ bass and more.

Of course, you get out of it what you put into it. The only reason why I haven’t improved more is because I haven’t practiced more. Now, with Melodics adding keyboard lessons, I’m excited — and also a little bit afraid — to finally do something about my pitiful keyboard skills. (In case you’re wondering, drums are the thing I can actually play reasonably well.) I know that Melodics’ visually helpful lessons — playable in real-time or at an adjusted tempo — presented in style that I tend to like will be a path to better playing should I choose to accept it.

New Features in Melodics 2:
•Choose your instrument within the app - keep track of your progress for Keys, Pads and Drums, with independent leveling for each instrument.
•All new levelling system. Want to level up? Collect stars! See how many stars you need to hit the next grade and unlock more lessons as you level up.
•New navigation. No more waiting for screens to load, version 2 looks snappy.
•A new view - the Finger Allocation screen is essential for keys, get the feel of how you have to place and move your hands over the keyboard before you work on playing the lesson.
•Wait Mode - Playback will automatically pause until you hit the right notes, allowing you to step through complex rhythmical patterns or melodies. Paired with Practice Mode, Wait Mode is a great way to break down tricky phrases!
•All new Learning page for a fresh look at courses and lessons. View lessons in list or grid mode, and browse by artist, genre, grade or tag.
•New and Improved labelling of tracks in the play view to help you quickly work out which sample is on which pad.
•Colour coding for each hand, so you can see at a glance which part goes with which hand.
•Favorite Lessons - Add a lesson to your favorites list from the lesson screen, or within the lesson itself. Favorites are stored on line, so now they’ll be shared across computers.
•Pause - press pause during lesson playback to have a deeper look at at difficult sections.
•Scroll through the lesson arrangement before playing to preview what’s coming up.
•Volume control always available. Control volume levels more easily within lessons - adjust the metronome, your notes, guide notes and the backing track levels direct from the play view.
•Customizable Metronome sounds - Pick your metronome, with the familiar sounds of Ableton Live, Logic, Maschine, and many more.
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