We were at Messe. You were not. Or maybe you were at Messe and you didn’t buy us drinks — possibly because we beat you at arm wrestling or because you just didn’t feel like loving us as we deserve to be loved. Or maybe you didn’t buy us drinks because you had spent all of your money buying yourself drinks, in which case you may need a bit of a re-cap as to who was nominated, and who won, at this illustrious awards spectacle. The illustrious awards spectacle that you neglected to buy us drinks at.
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Mixing Desk (Project Studio)

Winner: Mackie Onyx
Runners Up: TL Audio M4, Yamaha 01V96V2

Mixing Desk (High End)

Winner: Digidesign ICON}
Runners Up: AMS Neve 88D, SSL AWS900

Studio Microphone

Winner: Røde NT-2A
Runners Up: DPA 4006 TL, Schoeps CMIT 5U

Studio Monitor (Nearfield)

Winner: Genelec 8050A
Runners Up: Adam P33A, JBL LSR 4300 Series

Recording Software

Winner: Digidesign Pro Tools 7
Runners Up: Logic 7.2, Steinberg Nuendo 3

Recording Hardware

Winner: M-Audio Project Mix I/O
Runners Up: RME Fireface 800, Universal Audio LA3A re-issue

Recording Effects (Hardware/Software)

Winner: NI Guitar Rig 2
Runners Up: AudioEase AltiVerb 5, TC Electronic Voice Pro


Winner: TASCAM Gigastudio
Runners Up: NI Kontakt, Steinberg HALion 3

Sound Libraries

Winner: Vienna Symphonic Library
Runners Up: IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik, Synthology Ivory

DJ-Tools (Hardware)

Winner: Korg KAOSS Pad Entrancer
Runners Up: Akai MPC-2500, UREI/Soundcraft 1620LE


Winner: Ableton Live 5
Runners Up: NI Traktor 3, Stanton Final Scratch 2