Option-Click: Can a 62-Cent Transposition Add Soul?

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Upload your audio to RAMusic.com to hear it transposed to a range that reportedly matches the natural vibrations of your body.

Composer/sound designer Alan Howarth is a master of emotional audio. Who can forget the little girl''s disembodied voice in Poltergeist or the perfectly frightening music from the Halloween series? His latest venture, RA Music, seeks to harmonize music with fundamental resonances in nature. After analyzing sounds such as whalesong and the reverb of Mayan pyramids, Howarth concluded that the A-440 pitch standard was too high. A-424, a drop of 62.5 cents, felt better. At RAMusic.com, you can upload audio files and hear them transposed. I''m not sure which version I preferred, nor why a global pitch shift should add the emotional impact claimed on the site, but I did appreciate the new perspective. Howarth says that transposing his synths before playing put him in a special creative zone, and that''s worth exploring.