Option-Click: Fight the Power(Point)

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Fig. 1: I mapped the R-RB5''s black-screen button (“.”) to Tap Tempo in Ableton Live. I then remapped the “>” and “<” buttons to Play/Pause and Play From Beginning.

One of the handiest gadgets I own is a Logitech R-RB5, a wireless remote control for PowerPoint. Its 2.4GHz transmitter sends commands to a tiny USB receiver up to 50 feet away. The R-RB5 is essentially a computer keyboard with four keys, plus a volume rocker. Its “<” and “>” buttons transmit Page Up and Page Down keystrokes, its Black Screen button sends a period, and its fourth button alternates between F5 and Esc, which start and end a presentation in PowerPoint.

Firing up the VLC media player (free) instead, I mapped “>” to Play/Pause and “<” to Skip Back. Neither Propellerhead Reason nor Ableton Live let me map Page Up and Down, so I used AutoHotKey (free) to convert those keystrokes into characters that worked.