Option-Click: Take Control of Your Controller

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Moldover deconstructs M-Audio Oxygen 8 keyboards to put the controls where you want.

MIDI controller not working the way you want? You don''t have to go all Moldover on it. (Though that''s not a bad idea; see Fig. 1.) Instead, customize your controller''s output with software that remaps the MIDI data on the fly. Bome Midi Translator (approximately $81) is the Rand McNally of MIDI mapping programs. At the 2010 NAMM show, developer Florian Bömers even used it to remap a Wacom graphics tablet to control Native Instruments Traktor, adding the precision of pen-based input to his DJ moves.

Midi Translator also converts MIDI to computer keystrokes, allowing you to, say, advance a PowerPoint presentation from a drum pad, or control a flight-simulator game from your mod wheel. Timer support lets you repeat an action multiple times with a delay—transmit a series of Ctrl-Down Arrow keystrokes to iTunes to create a fadeout, for example.