Legendary producer Alan Parsons will be at Hybrid Studios in Orange County on March 24/25 2018 for what should be an outstanding recording master class focused on orchestral recording.

The master class starts with a tracking session featuring a crop of A-list LA session players, followed by the recording of a full symphony orchestra on the second day.

Alan Parsons class 1

They’re keeping name of the track to be recorded under wraps for now, but it is a major classical piece that’s being given Alan’s best prog-rock treatment – a real treat for those who’ve been hankering for Alan to return to his roots along the lines of some of classics such as “Old And Wise” and “Damned If I Do.”

 • Day 1 will see Alan recording a tracking session with bass, drums, guitar and keyboards featuring some of the biggest names in the session world. Grammy-winning arranger Tom Brooks will talk about the score and how he and Alan selected and orchestrated the various themes and instrumentation. The basic arrangement will already be in place using MIDI and top orchestral sample libraries.

 • Day 2 will focus entirely on setting up and recording the orchestra; something that will be of particular interest to educators, plus those working—or looking to work—in the film or video game industries.

And there’s more: This session, dubbed “Orchestral Maneuvers,” goes beyond its considerable educational value because it will appear on the next Alan Parsons album being released later in the year. 

Hybrid Studios

Hybrid Studios

Hybrid Studios is a splendid recording and production complex in Santa Ana; its control room designed by Hanson Hsu from Delta H Design. The "Mix Class of 2014" winning control room features an SSL 4064G+ analog console. 


This is a Level 3 MCTS event and tickets are being restricted to Platinum only ($1900). These are special events where you not only learn an incredible amount about recording (photo and video is permitted, note-taking and questions highly encouraged). You’ll also get plenty of mingle time with Alan, Tom Brooks, and the rest of the musicians, plus plenty of opportunity to get to grips with the variables and intricacies of recording a large ensemble orchestra. A Champagne reception at Hybrid, plus presentation of the coveted MCTS certificates, will close the second day.

The ASSR website contains full current details of the event, plus videos of earlier master classes, testimonials, and much more.