Power App – Cakewalk Sonar X2

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Record multiple takes of a part, then combine the best sections to create a seamless, optimized part.

Composite recording lets you get into a “groove” by allowing you to record take after take of audio while a section of music loops. After choosing the best sections from each take, you can then bounce them together into a single clip.


Step 4: To make more detailed changes, release the Ctrl key; the Isolate tool now becomes the standard Mute tool. To unmute a muted section, drag across the clip’s top half. Drag across the lower half to mute an unmuted section.

Step 1 Choose Edit > Preferences > Project > Record. Under Loop Recording, click “Store Takes in a Single Track.” Under Lanes, check “Create New Lanes on Overlap.” For Recording Mode, choose “Overwrite” so that when you exit Record, all takes except the most recent one are muted.

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Step 2 Specify the section you want to loop, record-enable the parent track, then go into record mode and record as many takes as you want.

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Step 3 Select the Mute Tool from the Toolbar.

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Step 4 Hold down the Ctrl key; an exclamation mark appears next to the cursor to show the Mute tool is in “Isolate” mode. Dragging across one take mutes (as indicated by an outlined waveform) the same section in all other takes.

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Step 5 After your takes consist solely of sections you want to keep, select all takes and then select “Bounce to Clips” from the Clips menu.

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