Propellerhead Reason

Assigning Individual Outputs for Rex and NN-XT Multisamples

Assigning Individual Outputs for Rex and NN-XT Multisamples

Objective: Route individual drum or other samples to individual NN-XT outputs for discrete effects processing.

Background: Reason has two instruments that sport multiple outputs: ReDrum and NN-XT. Processing individual drums through ReDrum is simple: Connect each of its outputs to its own mixer input. However, ReDrum doesn’t support velocity-switched multisamples or feature sophisticated sound sculpting tools (LFOs, multimode filters, etc.) like the NN-XT does. The advantages to using the NN-XT are numerous, but routing individual samples to separate outputs isn’t as easy as patching a drum module to a mixer channel. You’ll need to open up the keymap editor and make sample-specific changes. Here’s how:

  • 1. With a mixer already loaded, create an NN-XT sampler in Reason’s rack, then choose a patch with drum sounds or other samples that you’d like to process individually. For example purposes, I chose a Ludwig kit from Sonic Reality’s Vintage Drums refill.
  • 2. Expand the NN-XT module by clicking the small triangle on the Remote Editor (left-hand side). The Remote Editor will expand to reveal the keymap and synthesis parameters.
  • 3. Select a sample; here I chose “LSN2F,” a snare sample that I’ll process individually with effects.
  • 4. From the lower right-hand corner of the keymap display, select an output pair (for example, I selected output 3–4). The selected sample will now be available on the assigned output.
  • 5. Flip the rack around, and patch the output pair into the mixer. Now, you’re free to add aux or insert effects as you normally would to any other signal.