Real World Digital Audio

Peter Kirn has managed to pen what may soon be known as the virtual bible for those wishing to use the most modern of modern technologies to musical end. Comprehensive and all encompassing, Real World Digital Audio starts from the very beginning and follows the subject through to the bitter end (assuming you are a staunch card-carrying member of the audio Old Guard, in which case bless your heart and your tape reels); allowing the reader, no matter their level of expertise, to hop right in on the action and start taking it all to the next level.

Perfect for the musician or the engineer, the novice or the adept; this book covers subjects from setting your computer up to record audio to tracking to using synthesis software to mastering to printing scores to taking it all out into the live setting — all in a step-by-step, linear manner, making this palatable for even the most non-technologically savvy while managing to avoid trudging solely in beginner territory.

Also included in this grimoire is an instructional DVD chock full of trial software, corresponding tutorials, and a barrage of ready-to-use sound banks and demo loops; material that will certainly aid you in your quest to conquer the ever-expanding realm of modern recording.

So take all the other books off of your coffee table and replace them with Real World Digital Audio, for then, and only then, will your next date be truly impressed by your vast knowledge and impeccable taste in all things of the literary nature. The Republic it is not, but unless you wish to merely philosophize about your place in the modern recording universe then you would probably do good to pick this up.