Reel Girlz Real Skillz

First Ever All Female How to DJ VideoHitgirl!$19.95

REEL GIRLZ REAL SKILZ, in a made-you-look moment to end all such like moments, is a DVD that features two Thundra-esque, record-spinning, turntable-toting warrior princesses above a legend that starts out “First Ever All Female….”

We’re in.

Whatever they were selling, we were buying. And as luck would have it, it was something that actually stood a chance of being used for more than three minutes at a time.

“We just wanted to do a really cool curriculum on how to do everything from how to do a mix with Final Scratch to mastering EQs,” says creator LA Kendall from her Seattle redoubt. “And there was nothing out there, outside of DJ Shorty’s DVD, that was just good and all-around and featured women to any great degree. So we did it.” We in this instance being Kendall and DJ Girl 6.

Our disappointment at the squandered cover promise of Amazonian warriors duking it out aside, the absolute coolest moment on this DVD is not the tech primers, the technique tips, or the theory and equipment coverage. It’s the interview section. To whit, “Embarrassing Moments,” wherein DJs discuss that exactly: Promoters that steal your cigarettes and then run down the street in order to avoid paying you?