…like a broken clock: last issue we went snarky on MALCOLM BURN and DURO when they dared to say in regards to the whole QUANTEGY muddle…

Supah Engineer DURO [The Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, Will Smith] is a serious tape diehard. In serious denial: “It’s tape till the end!!!!!!!!!”

Tape fiend producer, MALCOLM BURN [Daniel Lanois, Iggy Pop, Emmylou Harris] also seems to be in denial about the end of tape: “It’s not gone, it’s just hiding.”

…we accused them of being in denial. And congratulated ourselves for having done so. Until we heard from QUANTEGY’s president and COO Richard Lindenmuth. “We have hired some ex-employees as contractors to start up production. We are beginning with audio products—406, 456 and then next week 499 and GP9—since that is where the highest demand is showing,” said Lindenmuth adding, “Andrew Kautz and the SPARS Board have been very helpful in working with us to provide opportunities for SPARS members to call in and order tape.”

And Tapeheads rejoiced.