Sources for Low-Cost Music Videos

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This month, our DIY Advisor bloggers Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan are concentrating on helping you improve the quality of your videos, whether they are music videos, fan outreach videos, turorials, etc. So far, these articles include 4 Techniques To Immediately Improve The Audio Quality Of Your Videos, 4 Techniques To Improve the Lighting Of Your Videos, 6 Ways to Speed Up Your Video Production, and there are more on the way.

Their articles are directed toward the DIY mindset, so that you can engage with and gain fans, as well as establish an income stream from YouTube videos. And their suggestions can apply whether you have some budget to invest, or very little at all.

However, sometimes the most taxing expense of all is your time. You can’t always do everything yourself. If we take it for granted that you should put your music on YouTube, you may not want to make your own music video, and you may not want to use just a few images as your video.

Instead, for as little $20, you could use a service like Clip Bazaar to put your music, logo, and track information to one of their current collection of 20 videos. For an extra fee, they will customize the video you with audio reactive effects, custom intros/outros, different colors, and/or lyrics.

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With Clip Bazaar, you’ll have a full video, potentially customized just for you. However, it will still be derived from a template that anyone can use.

As an alternative, if you’re willing to do some light editing, you could string together stock video clips from places like Pexels and Videvo, which offer free video clips. Go to Makerbook for a great list of placed to get free stock videos.

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For a little more quality control and videos that may not be as commonly used as the freebies, you could use services like Adobe Stock, which has subscriptions starting as $29.99/month for three stock video clips and go in price from there. VideoBlocks has a large collection of stock video and offers unlimited downloads to members, although that boosts the price to $99/month or $149/year.

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