Studio Acoustics Pt3: Room Division

Divide your room into more isolated sonic spaces with these tools
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There are many reasons to have portable sound partitions and gobos in a studio or rehearsal space. For example, if your band records their rehearsals, either for demos or possible release, putting an absorptive barrier between an instrument or microphone decreases unwanted bleed from nearby sounds. Although a common solution is to stretch a heavy blanket across a boomstand between amps and instruments, the bulk and weight of the setup is not always ideal.

 Acoustics MultiZorber III

GeerFab  Acoustics MultiZorber III

A portable, lighter weight option is the MultiZorber II panel from GeerFab, made using 2”-thick fiberglass (2 pcf density) covered with Guilford fabric on the front and nylon sail-cloth on the back. With a grommet in each corner, it is easy to hang a MultiZorber II panel on a wall or from the ceiling to mitigate sound reflection (and they’re Class A fire rated). Available in 2’x2’ ($109/pair) and 2’x4’ ($99 each) sizes in several colors, MultiZorber II panels are light enough that they can be placed against a mic stand or chair to baffle off an instrument.

At the next level of absorption, the GeerFab MultiZorber OC703DR uses 2” of 3# Owens Corning 703 fiberglass board covered with Guilford 701 fabric and nylon sail-cloth. Class A fire-rated, these panels can be used as freestanding sound partitions, as bass traps in the corner of a room, or hung using the grommets located on the back. The OC703 line is also available in 2’x2’ ($129/pair) and 2’x4’ ($119 each) sizes in various colors.

Primacoustic GoTrap Studio

Primacoustic GoTrap Studio

The Primacoustic GoTrap Studio ($399) is a 2’x3’ gobo made of Baltic Birch with dovetail joints and utilizing the company’s Broadway fabric, wrapped around glass-wool acoustic panels. In addition to being used to isolate a guitar amp from other instruments, the GoTrap Studio will work as a portable bass trap when it is time for critical listening, absorbing frequencies down to 75Hz. These gobos can be stacked, and they include handles and rubber feet to decouple the frame from the floor.

GIK Acoustics FreeStand Acoustic Panel ($254/pair) is a portable 24”x60” gobo made with rigid fiberglass. Available in a wide variety of colors, these Class A fire-rated panels can be purchased in 2” and 4” thicknesses, the latter offering increased bass-frequency absorption and available as the FreeStand Bass Trap ($149).

Do-It-Yourselfers should check out GIK Acoustics DIY Acoustic Panel Bass Trap Supplies. The company sells 24”x48”x4” frames ($26) as well as a variety of insulation types by Knauf and Owens Corning and Guilford of Maine fabric covering (the industry standard). You can further outfit your panels with the company’s boomstand bracket ($7) or custom-made metal stand ($54).