Studio Acoustics Pt4: Drums and Amps

Decouple drums and amps from your live room with these products
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Whether in a school, house of worship, studio or performance space, there are times when you need to isolate the rumble and vibrations of an amplifier cabinet or drum set from a stage riser or floor. For drummers, the Auralex HoverMat ($339) provides a 6’x4’ portable, slip-resistant rug made with the company’s SheetBlok Sound Barrier. Auralex notes that decoupling the drums from the floor in this way also improves the tone of the instrument. The mat includes a cinch sack and shoulder strap for portability and storage.

Auralex Baby GRAMMAv2,
 GRAMMAv2 and

Auralex Baby GRAMMAv2,  GRAMMAv2 and  GreatGRAMMAv2

Auralex also offers the HoverDeck v2 ($219), a pair of drum-isolation pads made with fabriccovered MDF and web-style ISO-puck risers for decoupling the kit from the floor or stage. The price includes a pair of 23.75”x23.75” squares that you can position to fit the layout of any drum set.

A similarly handy product for guitarists is the low-profile Gamma-series of amp risers from Auralex, which provide better decoupling from floors than the traditional milk crate, while positioning the amp lower to the ground than raised amplifier stands. The GreatGramma v2 ($99) has a footprint of 19”x30”, whereas the Gramma v2 ($74) covers 15”x23”; both models support up to 300lbs. The 15”x15” BabyGramma v2 ($54) supports up to 200lbs. All three models include a handle and road-durable carpeting.

The 15”x15” Auralex SubDude II ($59) and 22”x18” SubDude HT ($79) provide low-frequency isolation for amplifiers and loudspeakers. The SubDude II has a 1” base with 3/4” velour-covered MDF, while the SubDude HT is made using StudioFoam wedges, PlatFoam and road-ready carpet.

If greater floor isolation is needed across a wider space, and you have the resources and ability to alter the room you’re in, a straight forward solution is a product such as AcousticsFirst Floor Underlayment. Available in 54”x 25’ rolls, Underlayment can be placed between your floor structure and carpet and is designed to mitigate impact noise and structural sound transmission. To do this, it utilizes a solid-mass barrier that is fusion bonded to 1/4” closed-cell (8-10lbs. density) PVC foam.

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