TIPBITS: Making Fat Patches with MX4 2.0

Subtle (emphasis on the SUBTLE) pitch modulation is a key to fat synth patches. To that end MX4 2.0 gives you an unprecedented degree of control over many aspects of detuning.
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1) analog button — when enabled, each note produces a slightly fixed pitch offset.

2) stereo detune — (available when stereo button is engaged). The feature enables an additional oscillator for each of MX4’s three oscillators — slightly detuned from the original. The amount of detune is controlled with this slider. Start with around 15–20% and adjust to taste.

3) voice multiplier — layers an additional copy of the MX4 voice for a bigger sound. Start with a value of two — you may have to turn down the main volume slider to allow for additional headroom. Bass or other mono patches may benefit from a setting of 3 or more.

4) detune — controls the amount of detune for unison voices — important when used in conjunction with the voice multiplier. A value of 6–8 cents at a constant pitch ratio (CPR) works well.

5) pitch modulation — apply a small amount of LFO modulation (the random walk waveform works nicely) for pitch variation that continues after the voice is triggered. For maximum motion, apply a dedicated LFO to each oscillator and make sure the rates of each LFO are slightly different from each other.