Your Take – How do you reference your mixes?

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Here’s our favorite response. Brian Gier wins a pair of Auralex Phlat Feet.
Thanks, Brian!

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I kit-built a low-power FM transmitter that I use to reference mixes on a variety of radios in the house. I feed the stereo mix into the transmitter, set some loop points in Digital Performer and walk around the house while checking the sound on my collection of radios. Shower radios, clock radios, car radios (while sitting in the garage), boom boxes, and an old transistor radio help me listen for clarity and mono-compatibility. If it sounds good on my army of devices (in different acoustic environments), it’ll sound good everywhere. I am also researching using an iPad as a control surface so I can make mix tweaks on the fly via Wi-Fi. I have used the radio transmitter for about ten years and it yields great results!