Alto Professional Truesonic Wireless Loudspeakers

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The TRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115W powered speakers provide musicians and live sound engineers with exceptionally clean, transparent sound from wired or wireless sources. Whether used in a permanent sound reinforcement installation or as portable PA’s, TRUESONIC Wireless live sound speakers stand apart from the competition because of their uncompromising accuracy, wireless capability and exceptionally high watt-to-dollar ratio. The TRUESONIC Wireless line enlists an ultra-pure internal signal path and amplification to deliver precise reproduction, ensuring that what goes in–wired or wireless–is what comes out.

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The TRUESONIC Wireless TS112W and TS115W, are two-way 12” and 15” models respectively. With 800 watts of Class D power and an SPL of 125 dB for the TS112W and 126 dB for the TS115W, the speakers offer more power and performance than any other loudspeaker in their class. Both are perfect for musicians, bands, DJs, live sound reinforcement engineers and also for those who manage bars, clubs, schools, gyms or houses of worship.

The TRUESONIC Wireless line simplifies the connection to multiple devices with the ability to play audio from any Bluetooth audio-equipped device such as an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or other smart phone. In addition, both TS112W and TS115W include two Mic/Line Female XLR - 1/4” combo inputs with independent gain controls so it’s easy to get up and running with just about any audio source.

“TRUESONIC speakers are already established as the most powerful in their class,” said Jay Schlabs, Executive Director of Alto Professional. “With wireless capability, the TRUESONIC series is now one of the most versatile speaker lines on the planet.”

The TRUESONIC TS112W and TS115W are expected to arrive at pro audio and live sound retailers in Q2-2012 with an MSRP of $549 (TS115W) and $499 (TS112W) and estimated street prices of $449 (TS115W) and $399 (TS112W).