Ableton Announces Live 7 LE

Ableton has announced Live 7 LE, a more affordable version of Live music production and performance software.
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Ableton has announced Live 7 LE, a more affordable version of the music production and performance software. Live 7 LE lets you record tracks in up to 32-bit, 192 kHz quality, as well as edit, arrange, remix, and DJ within the program.

It offers 64 audio tracks; unlimited MIDI tracks per project; MIDI sequencing for software instruments; 20-plus built-in audio effects, including creative delays, filters, distortions, studio compressors, and EQs; the software instruments Simpler (sample-based synthesis) and Impulse (sampled drums); support for VST and AU effects and instruments; automatic plug-in delay compensation; real-time warping and time-stretching for various types of files; support with any MIDI controller; and multicore and multiprocessor support.

Per project, Live LE has 2 simultaneous stereo audio inputs and outputs, 12 built-in audio effects, 8 built-in instruments, 2 AU/VST effects, and 2 AU/VST instruments.

If you buy Live LE boxed, it comes with the Essential Instrument Collection 2 LE Edition by Sonivox and ChocolateAudio, and loop and construction kits by Puremagnetik. Both boxed and download versions come with presets for Live LE''s instruments and effects, Ableton's signature built-in tutorials, and a printed reference manual in English (manuals in other languages are available as PDFs).

When it is available, Live LE will be $149 (download) or $199 (boxed). Check Ableton's Web site for details on upgrade pricing and other offers.