Access Music Introduces Three Synthesizers

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Access Music has introduced three synthesizers: the rackmountable Virus TI Desktop ($1,995), the 61-key Virus TI Keyboard ($2,695), and the 37-key Virus TI Polar ($2,695). Each feature a dual-DSP-core system and USB connectivity. According to Access, the new architecture generates at least 80 simultaneous stereo voices.

The TI synths are the first Viruses with wavetable oscillators you can mix with the classic Virus oscillators. Additionally, the new HyperSaw engine can generate up to nine parallel oscillators per voice, each with a suboscillator. All three instruments are 16-part multitimbral, with 16 independent delays and reverbs. Multi mode now embeds all patch data for each part, allowing you to edit an individual part without overwriting its original preset. Each model stores 512 RAM programs and 2,048 ROM programs.

The Virus TI''s USB port facilitates communication with the new Virus plug-in, which lets you use a Virus TI as if it were an Audio Units or VST instrument in any compatible host. What''s more, templates are included that allow you to use the front panel to control other synths, both hardware and software. Whereas previous Viruses offered only analog audio I/O, the new models provide 44.1 and 48 kHz S/PDIF I/O and 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converters. For more information, visit