AKG Announces Wireless C5 and D5 Microphones

AKG has announced wireless versions of its C5 and D5 microphones.
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AKG has announced wireless versions of its C5 and D5 microphones, developed in collaboration with the company''s WMS 4000 wireless system.

The new C5 and D5 wireless microphones offer two interchangeable microphone heads for the HT 4000 handheld unit, as part of the WMS 4000 wireless system. Both microphones feature a dent-resistant, spring-steel, elastic, wire-mesh cap to protect the capsule; an integrated shock absorber system; and Laminate Varimotion diaphragm technology for a controlled frequency response and the highest gain before feedback.

The WMS 4000 wireless system offers a 30 mHz-wide UHF band with up to 1,200 selectable frequencies, and it consists of the SR 4000 receiver, the HT 4000 handheld transmitter, and the PT 4000 bodypack transmitter. The system comes with a backlit display, battery life indicator, silent mode, environment scan, auto setup frequency search, and rehearsal functions.

For more information, visit www.akg.com.