AKG Introduces Wireless Headphone System


AKG has introduced the K 206 afc stereo wireless headphone system ($130), which transmits its signal to the headphone receiver using UHF (916 MHz) radio frequencies and can cover distances up to 330 ft. The transmitter acts as a storage cradle for the headphones and a charger for the system''s NiMh rechargeable batteries (included), which provide approximately 15 hours of usage per charge. Recharging is as simple as placing the headphone/receiver on the cradle.

According to the manufacturer, the headphones utilize AKG''s patented headband design that takes the weight of the unit off your ears and provides an automatic, comfortable fit. The K 206 afc system also features an auto-tuning system, which minimizes the potential for interference, and an automatic gain control that continuously adjusts the gain of the system for compatibility with all sources. For more information, visit www.akgusa.com