Audio Impressions Releases Realtime Strings

Realtime Orchestra Strings is a full strings library consisting of 70 Stradivarius and other prized instruments.
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Audio Impressions has made available its Realtime Orchestra Strings ($11,999), a full strings library of 70 Stradivarius and other prized instruments. The library consists of 18 Violin I, 16 Violin II, 14 Viola, 12 Cello, and 10 Bass. It includes DVZ, Space, Realtime Orchestrator technologies, and a three-tiered Turn Key System.

The DVZ process allows you to duplicate the physical note divisions that exist within a live orchestral performance, and the company's Space technology lets you continuously vary the size, shape, and acoustics of the recorded environment in real-time. You can place each player anywhere within the stereo to 7.1 environments without changing samples or hardware configuration.

All possible combinations of ensembles and playing styles are available upon launch, with full automation via AU or VST plug-ins on any sequencer and computer.

Visit to learn more about the library and its pricing.