Big Fish Announces Refills for Reason


Big Fish has announced three new Refills for Reason users: Hip Hop, RNB, and Dance. The Hip Hop refill includes 400 MB of construction kits, in 67 Reason songs. All songs include Dr Rex loops, Redrum patches with custom drum samples, Subtractor synth lines, Maelstrom pads, NNXT sampler banks, and MIDI performances. In addition, there are an additional 25 Redrum drum kits, hundreds of drum hits with NN19 Sampler drum maps, and NNXT sampler instruments including vintage Rhodes, Clavinet, and B3 Organ. Stabs,

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The RNB refill also contains 400 MB of construction kits, but with an R&B flavor. The disc includes 30 Reason songs, including Dr. REX loops, Redrum patches, Subtractor synth lines, Maelstrom pads, NNXT sampler banks, MIDI performances, NN19 drum maps, NNXT instruments, and 100 extra drum loops in REX format.

Among the Dance refill's 400 MB of data are 30 Reason songs and a collection of items for Dr Rex, Redrum, Subtractor, Maelstrom, and NNXT. An additional 180 electronic effects and soundscapes, over 300 electronic drum hits (with NN19 Sampler drum maps), 250 assorted hits and riffs, and NNXT sampler instruments (including Oberheim OBXA, ARP 2600, and OSCar synths) complete the collection. For more information, visit