Cakewalk and UmixIt Provide New Service

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Cakewalk has announced an alliance with UmixIt Technology that lets music buyers make their own mixes of songs by their favorite artists. UmixIt delivers music in a patented format that provides discrete, 8-channel multitrack music so consumers can create their own mix. Simply place a UmixIt-enabled CD in a standard Windows personal computer, and begin remixing: no extra hardware is required.

A UmixIt CD is a mixed-mode disc consisting of traditional audio tracks that the customer can play in a CD or DVD player, along with the Cakewalk Media Mixer software and eight individual tracks of a song. All the tracks have been encoded using a proprietary Cakewalk tool that performs Windows Media 9-series encoding and applies the latest Microsoft digital-rights management information. Cakewalk Sonar 3 digital audio workstation is the core technology for the Cakewalk Media Mixer.

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