Choice quotes from Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins that didn't make it into the October 2008 issue.
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Billy Corgan on his bass playing…
“I was influenced by mostly new wave people: Simon Gallup from the Cure, Peter Hook. In my emerging adulthood I grew up with a lot of new wave and alternative, so I looked at that bass as “the” cool bass style. So if there’s any personality in my bass playing it’s that Peter Hook, ‘use the weird note’ thing. I always wish my bass playing had more to say, but in my head it all goes together like pieces of a puzzle. I understand how the bass works and doesn’t work with all the other pieces in my head, so it probably the thing that gets the short shrift on certain things. Some ideas could have easily been played on the bass, but they were just more effective on the guitar.”

Billy Corgan on Smashing Pumpkins b-sides…
“We would used b-sides as little advertising cards to show people what was coming. We wouldn’t use a b-side that we thought was going to make an album, but we would use a song we thought was maybe a tweener. It was a good opportunity to do a cool version. That’s why some of our best work was probably done very quickly. Boom! Just make it happen; and you’re not beholden to the aesthetic of an album and trying to make a track fit in against the other seven tracks. One thing I talked to Jimmy about is that going forward we should only do mini-sessions. We shouldn’t do that thing of trying to record 12 songs over four months. We should just go in and do a couple, like American Gothic. Just pick a vibe, go in, and live with it. I think that’s a better way for us. I think that’s yielded better recordings.”