db audioware Releases Advanced Vocal Intensifier Plug-in

New from db audioware is the Vocal Intensifier plug-in.
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New from db audioware is the Vocal Intensifier plug-in (Mac/Win; $79).

According to db, the plug-in adds punch and presence to vocal tracks to make them stand out in the final mix. Vocal Intensifier uses parallel compression (aka New York compression) specially tuned for vocals; this technique is said to boost the loudness and presence of vocals without destroying the dynamics of the original performance.

Vocal Intensifier also features a simple user interface; 64-bit EQ, compression, de-essing, and limiting; and MIDI control with MIDI Learn. It's available in VST (Mac/Win) and AU (Mac OS X) formats.

More information and downloadable trial versions are available at www.db-audioware.com.