Digidesign Announces 64-bit Expansion Chassis for Pro Tools

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Digidesign has announced the 64-bit Expansion Chassis for Pro Tools TDM-based systems. Designed and built by Magma, the chassis offers seven 64-bit, 33 MHz expansion slots for Digidesign PCI cards -- Pro Tools|HD Core, HD Accel, and legacy HD Process cards -- and ships with a 400W power supply. An included 1.5 meter flexible cable provides a high-speed communication link from the host computer to the chassis, providing up to a 264 MB-per-second data transfer rate.

According to the manufacturer, expanding a Pro Tools|HD system is simply a matter of installing HD Accel cards into the slots of the Expansion Chassis, rebooting the host computer, and launching Pro Tools. For more information, visit www.digidesign.com.