Eastwest Announces New Sound Libraries

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Eastwest has announced three new sound libraries: Yellow Tools Majestic ($399.95) bass collection, Drumkit From Hell Superior ($299.95), and Galaxy Steinway 5.1 ($299.95).

Yellow Tools Majestic includes nearly 16 GB of bass samples. The playing styles include fingered, muted thumb, slapped, picked, and picked-muted. In addition, you get long notes, vibrato notes, short notes, ghosts, tapping, hammer-ons, 8th notes, slow and fast slides, back slides, fret noises, and a variety of other effects. And there are up to eight velocity splits per note.

Drumkit From Hell Superior is a 35 GB drum library that includes a variety of mic setups, with your choice of several beaters and sticks and control over ambience and tuning.

The Best Service Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (Mac/Win) library, which features a Steinway grand piano recorded in Galaxy Studios, includes both surround and stereo versions of the instrument. The package bundles a special version of Native Instrument's Kompakt sampler, and the virtual instrument supports a wide range of plug-in formats. For more details, visit http://www.soundsonline.com.