Editor's Note: There Are Many Apps for That!

Introducing our cover feature on the top 200 iOS apps
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I recently purchased a new iPad for use in a specific musical project for two reasons—I wanted a bigger screen and more powerful processor than I currently have and, more importantly, I wanted to avoid taking my laptop onstage. Although I already knew which apps I needed for the gig, I was also interested in finding other goodies to inspire me. But if you’ve ever searched through the music-related items in the app store, you know the number of options is staggering, and it’s going to take a serious investment in time to separate the wheat from the iChaff.

That’s where Electronic Musician magazine comes to the rescue!

This month, Editors at Large Geary Yelton and Francis Prève have assembled a comprehensive list of their favorite instruments, beatboxes, DAWs and utilities for the iOS platform, which we’ve categorized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. As usual there is something for everyone—from vintage synths reimagined for mobile phones and tablets to all-new interfaces designed to take full advantage of the multitouch capabilities of these devices.

I hope you find this list as interesting and inspiring as we do, whether you’re currently using an iOS device or considering one in the future.

And Android users take note: While some of the products in our roundup are also available on your platform, we have a separate article about Android apps in the works, so stay tuned!