Garritan Announces Holiday Album and Go-Round Sale

"A Garritan Community Christmas, Volume 4" is Garritan's latest compilation of holiday music.
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A Garritan Community Christmas, Volume 4 is Garritan's latest compilation of holiday music. The new album features pop and big band jazz arrangements of holiday tunes, as well has original compositions, from over 15 composers from around the world. The composers and arrangers recorded their work at home using Personal Orchestra and other Garritan products, and submitted their music to Garritan via the Internet. It's online collaboration at its best, and Garritan is offering it as a free download in MP3 format; the music can also be played directly on the Web site with the Christmas Player Flash application.

To hear A Garritan Community Christmas, Volume 4 and view track listings, visit

Garritan has also announced a three-day Garritan Go-Round sale for sample libraries. From December 15 to 18, 2007, a number of Garritan libraries will be sold at significant discounts, one after the other, until all copies of each library are sold out.

Libraries participating in this Go-Round include Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band, Concert & Marching Band, Stradivari Solo Violin, and Gofriller Cello. For more information, visit