Get Your Video on TV in 9 Million Homes!!!

MVspy and Music Player Network are teaming up to give away 5 free music video slots on MVspy each month.

Music videos will be judged by a panel of Music Player editors and MVspy staffers, with winning videos airing on the channel for a period of one month. For each winning video, we'll also include the artist's website URL, tour dates and album release information.

This is your chance to get your music video seen on TV in Comcast VOD's over 9 million subscriber homes...for free!

MVspy is a new kind of music video channel that bypasses the "it's who you know" politics of other music video channels to create an avenue for independent artists and record labels to quickly and easily get their videos on TV.

Finally, independent artists and record labels have a quick, dependable way to get their videos on television.

To enter, visit and submit your video!