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Listen to audio clips of examples.

Clip 1.Aeon’s Loop-Tune feature plays audio loops within a two-octave range without changing tempo. Adding Trigger FX later on in the sequence produced a satisfying, glitchy performance. Toward the end of the clip, I added another loop with a strong, Wavestation-like vibe.

Clip 2.One of the more delicate sounds in Aeon Rhythmic plays solo, then gets layered with a couple of neighboring patches, and then passed through Trigger FX.

Clip 3.Heavenly Crotale Swells sounds like an Oberheim Expander pad with a chiming, rhythmic, high end, thanks to a subtle, tempo-synced delay.

Clip 4.One of Aeon’s strong suits is its bent for combining unusual ensembles of instruments.Tank Drum Steel M-Arp is a good example.

Clip 5.The spooky Timpani M-Arp provides plenty of atmosphere—especially with triggered effects.