IK Multimedia's Musikmesse News

A slew of new products are being announced this week at Musikmesse 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany. Here's a peek at what IK Multimedia has announced at the show.

A slew of new products are being announced this week at Musikmesse 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany. Here's a peek at what IK Multimedia brought to the show.

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AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Shipping Soon
Set to ship in April 2007, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix (Mac/Win; $249) is a software recreation of the complete guitar amp and effects rig of Jimi Hendrix. It offers nine vintage stomp effects, four vintage amp models, seven cabinets, and four rack effects (rotary speaker, stereo reverb, parametric EQ, and tube compressor).

Amplitube Jimi Hendrix will be available as a VST, RTAS, and AU plug-in as well as a standalone. Registered IK Multimedia users may get a Crossgrade version at the reduced price of $199.

Sonik Instruments
Sonik Instruments is the result of collaborative efforts between Sonic Reality and IK Multimedia. The first of this series of virtual instrument plug-ins includes SampleMoog, SampleTron, and Studiophonik. Each of these Sonik Instruments offers a full synth-sampler engine powered by SampleTank, with built-in multi-effects, 16 multitimbral parts, 4 insert effects, and 4 send effects per part. They are available in VST, AU, and RTAS formats or as a standalone. Moreover, all Sonik Instrument sounds can also be loaded within SampleTank 2.5.

Done in cooperation with Moog Music Inc., SampleMoog is a collection of 22 rare, collectible Moog synths, sampled and programmed with the addition of built-in effects. SampleMoog offers a number of sampled basses, leads, pads, and effects from just about the whole range of Moog synthesizers. SampleMoog is just one of many sample-based products to come from the new alliance between IK Multimedia, Sonic Reality, and Moog Music.

SampleTron offers samples of 18 rare, vintage keyboard instruments such as Mellotrons, Optigans, Chamberlins, and other related “Tron” family instruments (keyboards made in the 1960s capable of reproducing many natural sounds recorded on tape or disk and activated by keys).

Studiophonik is a virtual instrument plug-in that reproduces the sounds and instrumentation of full guitar, bass, and drum bands. According to the manufacturer, the plug-in is like a virtual band; you can control pickups, microphones, and performance nuances in real time and process them internally. Over 30 instruments are included.

SampleTank 2.5
The SampleTank sample workstation plug-in has been updated to version 2.5. New features for SampleTank 2.5 (Mac/Win) include an enhanced effects system with five new auxiliary effects and five new master insert effects; the addition of studio reverb derived from Classik Studio Reverb; and the ability to read Philharmonik, Sonik Synth, and all “Powered by SampleTank” instruments.

When made available in May 2007, the SampleTank 2.5 upgrade will be free for all SampleTank 2 L and XL users.

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