iZotope Releases RX Plug-ins

iZotope, Inc. has released RX audio restoration plug-ins.
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iZotope, Inc. has released RX audio restoration plug-ins (Mac/Win; $349) for cleaning and restoring audio.

According to the manufacturer, RX removes hiss and buzz, eliminates clicks and crackles, and repairs overload distortion. The plug-ins feature intelligent Spectral Repair algorithms that can analyze and fill gaps in audio files to restore previously unusable recordings. In all, RX offers Denoiser, Declipper, Hum Removal, Declicker, Spectral Repair, Advanced Spectrogram, and a streamlined interface and workflow.

The Advanced version of RX, RX Advanced (Mac/Win; $1199), has also been updated to include plug-ins and allows additional control over RX algorithms and multiresolution processing modes.

The plug-ins are available in VST, AU, MAS, ProTools (RTAS, AudioSuite), and DirectX formats, as well as standalone. Existing RX customers can download the update for free, and all current RX customers and customers buying RX boxed versions are eligible for a free download of the plug-ins.

For more information, visit www.izotope.com/rx.