Kirk Hunter Announces Concert Strings/Brass/Winds

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Kirk Hunter has announced Concert Strings/Brass/Winds ($995) for GigaStudio 2.54, which features musicians recorded in their onstage, seated positions using close and distant microphones.

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The library's files are arranged by vibrato intensity, non-sustained sounds, and combinations and effects. Generally, there are three levels of vibrato (heavy, light, and none), and the user can choose instruments where Velocity controls volume and Aftertouch controls vibrato, or Mod Wheel controls volume and Aftertouch controls vibrato. Single-layer instruments are contained in each file, allowing the user to create custom templates.

Concert Strings comes with a full string section, chamber strings, and solo strings. All sections are recorded un-muted and muted, with close and distant miking. Concert Brass comes with solo brass, sectional brass, and muted brass, recorded un-muted and muted. Concert Winds comes with solo instruments and woodwind ensembles.

Concert Strings ships with full sections: 24 Violins, First and Second Violins (10 each), 16 Violas, 12 Cellos, and 6 Basses; Chamber Strings: First and Second Violins (10 each), 8 Violas, 6 Cellos and 3 Basses; Solo Strings: solo violin, viola, cello, and bass. The list price is $499, but the library can be ordered in advance, for a limited time, for $399 at