Korg''s NAMM Announcements

Several new products from Korg debuted today, the first day of the NAMM Show 2007.
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Korg M3

Several new products from Korg debuted today, the first day of the NAMM Show 2007. The M3 synthesizer workstation is one that''s sure to generate a lot of excitement. The M3 has 120-note polyphony, 256 of waveform ROM, user sampling, second-generation KARMA, 8 simultaneous effects, 16-track MIDI sequencing with 480 ppq resolution, a Korg-designed keybed, and a color touch screen that doubles as an x-y pad. An optional expansion board gives the M3 a 24-note, single-timbre sound engine that harnesses the architecture of the Radias.

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Korg R3

Another new instrument from Korg is the R3, a compact synthesizer and vocoder that borrows its feature set from the Radias. An R3 program consists of two complete timbres, each with two oscillators, two filters, two LFOs, three ADSR envelopes, and a modulation sequencer. The R3 comes with a built-in microphone, an arpeggiator, and a 37-note, Velocity-sensitive keyboard.

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Korg Mini-KP

The Korg Legacy Collection''s Analog Edition 2007 gets a new virtual synth: MonoPoly. The original MonoPoly was released in 1981 and had four oscillators and four-way modulation. The software version gives you a sophisticated virtual patch matrix, two multi-effects, microtuning, 16-voice unison, 256 factory sounds, and a maximum 128-note polyphony.

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Korg Zero4

The new Mini-KP is the smallest member of the KAOSS Pad family. With the same user interface as other KAOSS models, the affordable, battery-powered, pocket-size Mini-KP delivers 100 effects you can control from its touch pad in real time.

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Korg Zero8

Korg''s Zero4 Live Control Mixer and Zero8 Live Control Console are digital mixers, MIDI control surfaces, and effects processors, and they''re meant to be played like instruments. Designed for computer-based production and performance, both units support 24-bit, 192 kHz audio and FireWire connectivity. Each channel handles a variety of sources to integrate your favorite audio tools with your computer and MIDI instruments.