Maxx Claster Releases eJ FM synthesizer v1.1

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Maxx Claster has released version 1.1 of the eJ FM synthesizer (Win: $49), a VSTi that comes with a library of 450 presets. The synth has six operators, each with a 3-stage envelope generator (EG), ADSR amplitude EG, lowpass/highpass filter with LFO and 3-stage envelope, and three effects (chorus, echo, and 6-band EQ).

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This update adds Velocity sensitivity for each operator, the ability to use positive and negative values in the matrix, a global MIDI CC map, support for a damper (sustain) pedal, some bug fixes, and best of all, a user manual. You'll need a VST 2.0-capable host application, and at least a Pentium III (Pentium 4 recommended), Windows, and 64 MB RAM.