NAMM 2011: Signal Processing, Hardware & Software

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Waves Aphex Aural Exciter
Waves was showing its plug-in version of the Aphex Aural Exciter ($250, native; $500, TDM). The company was able to get its hands on one of only five tube Aural Exciters ever produced (most were solid-state) and sampled it for this new plug-in.
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Avid Eleven Rack Expansion Pack
Avid's $99 Eleven Rack Expansion pack offers additional functionality for Eleven Rack owners. Users will get a number of new models, including a bass amp and a vocal channel strip, making their Eleven Rack presumably go to at least 12.
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BIAS Peak Studio
The Peak Studio ($599 MSRP) bundle for Mac OS X will include Peak 7, a new version of the company's flagship audio editing software. In addition, users get Sound Saver, a utility program for archiving LPs and tapes, VBR MP3 encoding, and the Master Perfection Suite and SoundSoap 2 and Soundsoap Pro plug-ins, among other goodies.
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Eventide Space
Eventide's latest foray into the stomopbox world is a reverb effects pedal called Space. Due to ship in about a month, Space gives you everything from basic halls and plates to combo effects like reverb plus delay, reverb plus modulation and reverb plus distortion, among others. If you want some seriously deep ambient effects, this pedal is for you. Price: $499 MAP.
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iZotope Stutter Edit
One of the coolest new products at the show was iZotope''s Stutter Edit, a plug-in developed with BT to emulate his signature stuttering audio effects. In past interviews, BT has talked about the meticulous way that he would slice audio up into tiny 32nd- and 64th-note slivers to achieve the stuttering effects. With this plug-in, the process has gotten a whole lot easier. Because it requires MIDI input from your host to achieve its effects, it only works with certain platforms, which include Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools (7.4 plug), Cakewalk SONAR, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Image Line FL Studio, Cockos REAPER and MOTU Digital Performer. Price: $249 ($149 introductory price until February 14, 2010).
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Korg Kaoss Pad Quad
This pedal gives you the functionality of four Kaoss Pads in one. You can run up to four effects at once, choosing from among five effects groups. A Freeze button keeps the effect going after you release your finger. Other functions include an auto-BPM detection engine, looper effects, DJ emulation effects and more. Price: $350 MSRP.
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Muse Receptor 2 +
At the Muse booth, the big news was that the Receptor 2 + line of outboard plug-in players is now shipping. The Receptor 2 + has a 750GB hard drive installed (as opposed to 320GB on the original Receptor 2) and a 2.8Ghz dual-core AMD processor. The Receptor 2 Pro + has a 1TB drive and a 3GHz Intel processor. The Receptor 2 Pro Max + features a 1.5TB drive and a 3.3GHz Intel processor. All will come loaded with either the Plug Sound Box Bundle or the Muse Player bundle, and Wave Arts MasterVerb and TrackPlug. In addition, the full Native Instruments Komplete 7 is preloaded, but must be paid for and unlocked to use. Prices (all MSRP): Receptor 2 +, $1,699; Receptor 2 Pro +, $2,599; and Receptor 2 Pro Max +, $3,199.

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