Native Instruments Announces Version 1.2 of Guitar Rig

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Kid Nepro has produced the Drum and Bass CD-ROM ($75), for Native Instruments Kontakt. The sounds, which are also available as downloadable files ($5 per package), are compatible with Native Instruments Intakt, Kompakt, and Battery samplers.

The Kontakt Drum and Bass CD collection includes over 1000 single-shot drum and percussion samples arranged in 25 custom drum kits from Kid Nepro's MPC, ASR, and SP1200 sound Libraries. The basses include 100 multisampled instruments, using sounds from the Minimoog, Prophet VS, and MKS80, among other sources.

In addition, the collection features 100 bonus drum beats from Kid Nepro's Triton & Karma Rhythm and Beat collections as well as orchestra and horn hits, techno percussion, and assorted hits and bits. Complete information and MP3 demos can be found at the Kid Nepro Web site. Native Instruments has announced version 1.2 of Guitar Rig (Mac/Win). The free update adds four more stomp boxes. These include Fuzz Ace, based on the Arbiter Fuzz Face; Big Fuzz, based on the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff; Cat, based on the ProCo Rat; and Demon Distortion, based on the MXR Dime Distortion.

In addition, the update includes more than 40 additional presets using the new components. The update also includes minor improvements, cosmetic changes, and bug fixes.

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