New EVE VSTi Sound Presets

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WilliamK from has released a new set of sounds and presets for the EVE VSTi. Famous Keys Volume IV ($19.95) offers 115 MB of files, including 128 new presets and 64 new sound-sets. The collection covers digital instruments from the '80s, as well as some analog and acoustic instruments.

The patch list includes two B3 organ files, two Rhodes instruments, as well as Alesis D4, JP6, Micro XT, MiniKorg, Moog Basses, Moog Source, Oberheim, Odyssey, Arp Omni, Polaris Ominous, Pro 52 Saws, and Mellotron instruments (including Flute, Choir, Dark-Choir, Bright Strings). The instruments in the collection are multisampled.

You can also order the Famous Keys Bundle, which includes FK1, 2, and 3 and a pre-order of FK4 for $ 49.95. Visit for more details.