PlugKey Opens up iOS to 5-Pin MIDI Devices

With the Super-Compact PlugKey MIDI and Audio Interface for iOS Devices, Users can Control iOS Apps with any 5-pin MIDI Gear
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With products like the recent Bluetooth-enabled MicroKey Air, NanoKey Studio and NanoKontrol Studio controllers, Korg has been embracing iOS music and miniaturization for a while now, and especially this year.

Now, for those who aren’t doing the wireless thing yet, Korg has announced the PlugKey MIDI and audio interface for virtually any iOS device with a Lightning connection and iOS 8 or later. It has a 5-pin MIDI input and a Lightning connector, so that you can MIDI controllers without a USB or Lightning port to control MIDI-enabled iOS apps.

The audio portion of the PlugKey includes stereo 1/4-inch outputs for connecting to a mixer, audio interface or direct to monitors, as well as a volume knob and 1/8-inch headphone out. That’s all inside of a very compact unit that weighs less than 2.5 ounces. The PlugKey is set to go on sale in August for $99 in either white or black, and will include the LE versions of Korg’s Module sound module app and Gadget electronic workstation app.

According to Korg, the PlugKey will be the only iOS product on the market with a 5-pin MIDI input, 1/4-inch audio outputs and the option to charge the iOS device when it’s connected to external power. To our knowledge, that claim is accurate.

The other interesting thing about the PlugKey is that it will connect a lot of different controller options to iOS devices through the MIDI port, such as digital pianos and workstations and tabletop modules and sequencers.