Primera Technology Announces Signature Z1

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Primera Technology has announced the Signature Z1 ($139.95) CD/DVD printer that prints directly onto CD-Rs and DVD±Rs with waterproof thermal-transfer ink. Up to four separate areas of the disc can be printed with the Signature Z1. The device prints each of four quadrants by spinning the disc and then applying ink in each area.

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According to Primera, the Signature Z1 is easy to set-up and operate. It connects to any PC running Windows 2000/XP using USB 1.1 or 2.0. Simply enter your data, import graphics, and print. Each disc takes less than one minute to print.

The label-design software can use any font on the PC, and over 250 clip-art images are included. The thermal-transfer ink is highly scratch- and smudge-resistant as well as waterproof. Everything a user needs to get started is included: the printer, a black ribbon, a USB cable, an AC adapter, label design software, a manual, and several sample CD-Rs. Replacement ribbons cost $19.95 and will yield 400 print areas. The ribbons are available in four colors: black, red, blue, and green.