Sabine Introduces Two New Tuners

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Sabine has introduced two new tuners, the NexTune 6z Guitar & Bass Tuner ($24.95) and the NexTune 12z Chromatic Tuner ($34.95). Both models are LCD-based with automatic note sensing. The tuners include a built-in tone generator for tuning or ear training, an instrument input, and a built-in microphone. Two simultaneous tuning displays are available: an LCD with a simulated needle display, and a 3-color LED display.

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The NexTune 6z has modes for guitar and bass, and the bass mode can be used for tuning 5-string basses. The NexTune 12z is fully chromatic and works with most string and wind instruments. Both models allow you to manually calibrate the unit from 438 to 443 Hz. The tuners come with a two-year warranty and free batteries.

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