Samplebase Announces New SoundBlocks

Samplebase has announced four new downloadable SoundBlocks.
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Samplebase has announced four new downloadable SoundBlocks, available at

The first in line is "Street Soul - RnB Guitar" ($29). This collection features electric-guitar loops geared toward R&B and hip-hop tracks. The loops offer chords, hooks, riffs, and licks that sync to host tempo in a range of 65 to 108 BPM.

Next is Heatseekers' “Santa Fe Jose” ($19), a funky Latin hip-hop construction kit with drum, conga, bass, synth, and stab loops. All loops were recorded at 80 BPM in the key of d# minor, and they can be time-stretched and pitch-shifted within Samplebase's free sample synth player, Satellite. The kit also comes with nine preconstructed mixes, each with a playable intro, verse, chorus, and outro.

“World Percussion – Asia 1” ($29) features more than 150 Velocity-sensitive samples of drum, cymbal, bell, and effects sounds recorded by professional percussionists. The samples can be performed within Satellite with or without effects. This SoundBlock, which is arranged into multi menus by instrument type, offers the following instruments: Chinese hi-hats, Indonesian Nipple gong, Vietnamese gong, Wind gong, Wohan, Chinese tom (large and small), Shime Daiko, Wah Bell, and Wind Wong.

Last is the jazz construction kit called “Rhythm Changes” ($29), which offers multiple variations of piano, bass, and drum parts for complete song arrangements. The kit has 32 drum, 31 bass, and 36 piano loops/phrases, all recorded at 86 BPM in the key of A#. Like the other SoundBlock loops, these can be time-stretched and pitch-shifted within Satellite. The first multi in this SoundBlock contains one preconstructed mix with multiple accompaniments, melodies, solos, transitions, fills, and endings.

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