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She & Him Volume 3

M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel on musical influences:

Ward: My biggest influence is older records: the way they're produced, the way they sound, the way the guitars are played, the way the vocals sound. Zooey's biggest influence also, I think it's safe to say, is older songwriters and older singers. It's not a specific kind of sound that we're creating; it's something I think we're still in the process of inventing. But it's definitely obvious to most listeners that Zooey and I listen to a lot of older records. Whenever we're covering songs, we're not trying to put it in a certain genre or era, it just sort of comes out. Whatever you take in eventually comes out.

We are constantly going back to a lot of different records: the productions of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson, Quincy Jones, Motown records. That is a lot to learn from and a lot to be inspired by. I think once you start to get deeper into those catalogs, different ideas stay with you. Sometimes I'll hear a Motown song on the radio and I'll hear certain elements of the production that I know have not been overly used. These were true innovators, and I feel like crossing the guitar style or the guitar sound of Elmore James with a singer like Etta James is an interesting to shoot for in the studio. We always end up coming up with something different.

Deschanel: I would say my songwriting influences range from Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hart, to Carole King, Brian Wilson and Roy Orbison. I find inspiration in many different artists. The wonderful thing is, Matt and I have the same taste in music so we can easily have a shorthand to discuss production ideas.